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"Pound their heads!"
"Pound your own!
— Blockbuster

Blockbuster was a mindless brute.


Blockbuster was among the super villains that tried to rob a gold vault, and was foiled by the Justice League. He later joined Grodd's Legion of Doom. He was also present during the attack on Gorilla City where he was defeated by Superman. Later on, Blockbuster joined Grodd in his mutiny against Lex Luthor. He tried to punch Luthor, but was thwarted by Sinestro's blast. Heatwave eventually tried to burn Blockbuster with his gun, only to be temporarily stopped by Silver Banshee's scream. Blockbuster was ultimately frozen and killed by Killer Frost.

Background information

In the DC Comics, Blockbuster was originally Mark Desmond, a man who developed a serum to make himself stronger, but although it accomplished this, it left him almost mindless. His criminal brother, Roland, manipulated him into committing a series of robberies, and taught him to hate and destroy the Batman.

Due to the fact that he is a lesser known member from his rogues' gallery, Blockbuster is one of the few Batman villains that escaped the Bat-embargo.


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