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Blackhawk was the leader of the Blackhawks.


Blackhawk left his native Poland when the Axis invaded, and became the leader of the independent aerial unit he called the "Blackhawks". He gathered other pilots, and together they were a force to be reckoned with. He helped in the evacuation of the Normandy beaches after the failed allied invasion, and joined in a successful bombing raid on a nearby weapons factory. He passed away of natural causes some time after the war, but lived on as a legend.

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Background information[]

For most of Blackhawk's run, the leader was portrayed as a nameless Pole, but towards the end, he was made into an American. His real name was then given as "Bart Hawk", an American of Polish ancestry. With Howard Chaykin's 1987 revamp of the character, he was made a Pole again, named Janos Prohaska.


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