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The freeway into the city.

Blüdhaven was a city near Gotham City.


After Nightwing split from Batman, he took up residence in the city.

When Roulette's original Meta-Brawl was threatened by bankruptcy, she went to Lex Luthor for a money loan and moved to Blüdhaven. With the help of Sonar, she created the Meta-Brawl Glamor-Slam in Blüdhaven, but was taken out of business by Black Canary and Huntress.

Years later, Nightwing still patrolled the streets of Blüdhaven.

By the 2040s, Blüdhaven was home to a nuclear facility that was the best source of Gamma Sterillium. The new Batman visited the facility in an attempt to stop the Repeller from stealing the dangerous substance.

Background information

Blüdhaven was a city used as a setting for Nightwing comics, located adjacent to Gotham City. During the Infinite Crisis, the city is largely destroyed by Chemo.

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