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The freeway into Blüdhaven.

Blüdhaven was a city near Gotham City.


After Nightwing split from Batman, he took up residence in the city, establishing himself as its protector.

When Roulette's original Meta-Brawl was threatened by bankruptcy, she went to Lex Luthor for a money loan and moved to Blüdhaven. With the help of Sonar, she created the Meta-Brawl Glamor-Slam in Blüdhaven, but was taken out of business by Black Canary and Huntress.

Years later, Nightwing still patrolled the streets of Blüdhaven.

By the 2040s, Blüdhaven was home to a nuclear facility that was the best source of Gamma Sterillium. The new Batman visited the facility in an attempt to stop the Repeller from stealing the dangerous substance.

Background information[]

Blüdhaven was a city used as a setting for Nightwing comics, located adjacent to Gotham City. During the Infinite Crisis, the city is largely destroyed by Chemo.


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