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"Bizarro's World" is the 19th episode of the second season of Superman: The Animated Series, and the 32nd of the overall series. It depicts the return of Bizarro. After hearing about the Fortress of Solitude, Bizarro learns from Brainiac's orb, that he is Kal-El from the Planet Krypton. Convinced that this is his new home, Bizarro decides to re-create Krypton in Metropolis in every way... including its destruction.


Lois drives up towards the mountain where Lex Luthor's cloning lab used to be. However, before she can get there, she runs into a guard who refuses to let her pass a point on the road. Fortunately, Superman shows up before things get ugly. Superman explains that there is no trace of the lab or Bizarro, and they both assume that he is dead.

Meanwhile, Bizarro, who is very much alive, wanders a snowy mountain confused about himself and looking for his home. He crashes into a ski lodge and sees a news cast about Superman which reveals that his "home" is in the North Pole. Bizarro quickly heads out to investigate, believing that this would be his home.

Bizarro finds Brainiac's orb

Bizarro finds Brainiac's orb.

While flying over the North Pole he hears the animals kept in the Fortress and crashes in. He shatters the glass confining the animals and is attacked by a lizard-like creature, which he takes as his pet. Afterwards, he finds Brainiac's orb and activates it. He asks Brainiac who he is and where home is. The orb, believing Bizarro to be Superman, shows him images and tells him of Krypton. Bizarro is overjoyed at hearing this.

Later, Bizarro goes to the Metropolis Cultural Center and starts destructively rearranging the place to make it match the images he saw of Krypton. He claims a building for his house and kidnaps an usher who he mistakes as his father, Jor-El. Lois comes to investigate the situation and Bizarro takes an interest in her. She agrees to go with Bizarro into his house to prevent trouble.

Kryptonite gift

Bizarro likes the Kryptonite chunk.

While in Bizarro's house, Lois is attacked by the alien lizard which has been renamed "Krypto". Superman shows up and explains Bizarro's motives to Maggie and Turpin and he sees that the building is about to collapse. Shortly afterward, Superman enters into Bizarro's house with a "housewarming gift", a chunk of Kryptonite. However, Bizarro is unaffected by it. Before Superman can do anything else, he is attacked by Krypto and his lead suit is torn. Bizarro throws the Kryptonite at him so that he and Krypto can play fetch. Lois tries to help Superman, but Krypto chases her away. To make matters worse, Bizarro leaves to finish making Krypton by blowing it up. His exit causes the building to start to collapse. Fortunately, Superman manages to push the Kryptonite away in time to save everyone in the building.

Superman then heads out after Bizarro who has headed for a missile base. He steals a missile and sends it on its way towards Metropolis. Superman tries to stop the missile, but Bizarro intercepts him insisting that Krypton needs the missile. All attempts to stop or deflect the missile are foiled by Bizarro who is determined to make Metropolis Krypton. However, Superman reminds him about Lois. Bizarro, instead of stopping the missile, rushes to save Lois, leaving Superman to do it himself and save Metropolis.

Bizarro and Krypto in their new home

Bizarro happy to be with Krypto in his new home.

Realizing that Bizarro is too dangerous to be left on Earth, Superman helps him re-enact what happened after Krypton exploded. He takes Bizarro to an uninhabited planet that is still capable of supporting life. Bizarro is unhappy until he sees that Krypto has been brought as well. He is now happy to live on his own world.


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  • "Bizarro's World" is the name of a comics story arc taking place shortly after The Death of Superman.
  • "Krypto" is the name of the Superdog in the comics. However, Bizarro's pet alien is the only thing that gets that name in the DC Animated Universe.
  • This episode confirms Bizarro's immunity to Kryptonite.


Actor Role
Tim Daly Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany Lois Lane
Joanna Cassidy Maggie Sawyer
Joseph Bologna Dan Turpin
Lauren Tom Angela Chen
Frank Welker Doorman
Krypto (uncredited)
Bystander (uncredited)
Corey Burton Brainiac
John Rubano Guard

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Lois: Just think what would have been like for him if he'd lived. First finding out he wasn't... well... you, and then his home, his whole world destroyed in one day. Can you imagine?
Superman: Yeah, I think I can. He'd probably feel a lot like I did when I learned I wasn't human. You don't know who you are or where you belong. Why you're here.

Bizarro: Me make Krypton. Then me am home!

Dan Turpin: Scram, Lane, this is a Police matter.
Lois: Yeah, Turpin, like that really works with me.

Dan Turpin: You know this guy? Figures... All the wackos come to you.

Superman: Let me guess... Bizarro?
Maggie Sawyer: Any idea what he's doing?
Superman: Remodeling. He thinks he's me so he's trying to create his own version of Krypton.
Dan Turpin: Naturally...

Superman: If Krypton is what Bizarro wants, that's what he's gonna get.

Dan Turpin: I had to take this beat! Humans weren't nuts enough!

Lois: So, what is all this?
Bizarro: It am Dada's house on Krypton.
Lois: Krypton? You remember Krypton?
Bizarro: Shiny Ball show me. It say me am Kal-El, and it show me baby me.
Superman: Unfortunately, Shiny Ball was confused at the time.

Bizarro: This am nice. Superman, Krypto, Dada, Lois, all here with me. Oh, Krypton pretty. So sad now it have to blow up...