Bibbo Bibbowski was a sea captain and a fixture in the Hob's Bay section of Metropolis.


Bibbo was a friend of Lois Lane's who worked in the Hob's Bay area. Although trusted for small tasks such as calling the Daily Planet in case of emergency or keeping his ears open for information, Bibbo wasn't a very reliable person. In one case, Lois went to check out Corben's ship and gave him some change and instructed him to call up Clark at the planet if she didn't get off the boat after a short time. Bibbo agreed, but when he saw a soder machine he decided to spend the money on a drink rather than make the call. This proved to be a mistake as Lois was soon taken prisoner and was only saved due to Superman discovering that Corben had ties to Kaznia.[1]

Bibbo's failure to call in Lois' distress didn't seem to lose him any trust, however, and Clark later paid him to be an informant about the actions of The Joker in Hob's Bay. Bibbo agreed, but he then asked "Which one? There's lots of jokers here."[2]

Bibbo & Titano

Bibbo encounters Titano.

During the time that Aquaman was captured by Lex Luthor and all aquatic life had grown hostile, Bibbo dismissed the warnings and took Lois and Jimmy out cruise on his ship. However, his ship was attacked by two orca whales and it was nearly sunk if not for the timely intervention of Superman.[3]

For all of his lack of reliability and intellect, Bibbo was a brave, loyal man. When Leslie Willis was on the air badmouthing Superman, Bibbo called in and spoke up for him.[4] He also confronted the giant Titano swatting him with a newspaper.[5] In both cases he ended up getting trashed.

Background information

In the DC Comics Bibbo is the owner of The Ace O' Clubs tavern in Hob's Bay. Looking to help the community he stayed behind after winning the lottery and worked to help all the poor and unlucky people that lived there. After the death of Superman, Bibbo decided that Metropolis needed a Superman and donned a makeshift costume. He then set about aiding the people of Metropolis in every way he could. Unlike the four super-powered individuals that also arose, he was not considered a Superman pretender and praised for his work. Bibbo was also the heavy weight boxing champion.


Superman: The Animated Series

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