"The man's a total sleaze!"
"I wouldn't say
Daisy informs Candide about Bernie Rast[1]

Bernie Rast was a Hollywood producer whose adventures in Dakota rarely ended well.


Bernie Rast had the idea of producing a real-life soap around a genuine superhero. After Superman said no, he conned Static into saying yes. From then on, cameras followed Static and Gear during most of their adventures. Coinciding with the recording, a new villain entered Dakota: Starburst. He outsmarted and overpowered Static several times, to the point that Bernie wondered why he did a show with a hero who only got defeated. When the truth behind Starburst’s powers was found out — a device hidden in the recording equipment — Static defeated him. Bernie gave himself the honor of unmasking Starburst: it turned out to be his personal assistant Brandon — though Rast kept calling him “Bradley”. As Brandon ranted about the insensitivity and total lack of interest of his boss, Bernie answered a call on his cell phone and stopped paying attention.[2]

Bernie returned to Dakota as a producer of Lil' Romeo. He had written out a contest among local fans of who was to record the next video of the young star. He was more than interesting when the winners — Daisy and Frieda claimed they could get Static involved. Static complied, but only to save Frieda and Daisy the embarrassment.[3]

Some time later, Rast also turned his attention to producing music. He was to record super star Candide's third album, but a signing in Dakota went wrong. After Virgil, Richie and Daisy notified Candide about Bernie's usual practices, Aquamaria and Hotstreak raided the signing. Hiding under a table, Candide fired Rast.[1]


Static Shock


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