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Bergduff's was a department store chain with stores in Gotham City and Metropolis.


When Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn placed Bruce Wayne under their control with pheromone lipstick, they planned a shopping spree at Bergduff's at his expense. As Ivy's toxin waned, Bruce began to express his resentment as he carried all of their boxes. Ivy gave Harley the lipstick so she could give Bruce another kiss. Bruce tried to get out of it but fell down an out of order elevator shaft.[1]

Some years later, Wonder Woman walked through Bergduff's but voiced her discontent for cosmetics, questioning why women would cover up their natural beauty.[2]

For a short time, the Justice League sought refuge in the Metropolis location during the Thanagarian invasion. While inside, they changed from their costumes to normal street clothes to evade capture.[3]


The New Batman Adventures

Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League


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