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Beppo was a stuffed doll owned by Lois Lane as a child.


Beppo was a brown plush monkey in a red bellhop uniform. When its belly was pressed, it played "Pop! Goes the Weasel".

Lois and Lucy Lane often played with Beppo and Titano the chimpanzee, who loved the puppet dearly. But he had to leave it behind when his mission came.

Twenty years later, Sam Lane brought Beppo to calm down the mutant Titano. The first time Lois activated it, Titano was unable to hear it. Therefore Lois used a loudspeaker the second time, which Titano heard and the song calmed him down long enough for tranquilizer gas to work. Later, Titano was dropped off on a far off island, and carried Beppo on a chain around his neck as a memento.

Background information[]

In the Silver Age comics, Beppo was a supporting cast member of Superman, part of the Legion of Super-Pets, along with Krypto, Streaky and Comet the Super-horse.


Superman: The Animated Series

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