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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (or Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker[1] as it is known in Europe) was released by Ubisoft for PlayStation, Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 in November and December 2000 in North America and January 2001 in Europe. The game was released to coincide with the film.


Similar to games like Final Fight, Batman Beyond plays as a Beat 'em up-type game where the player, as Batman, wanders through levels that are essentially side-scrolling, but have some depth to allow for three-dimensional movement. The game is fairly simple along those lines.


The game was heavily criticized for its lack of depth and its short length; many beat the game in under 20 minutes. The game has even received the worst game of the year from Game Informer magazine in 2001.

Nintendo Power gave the N64 Version a 5.6 rating noting that "having to use the control pad, stick, and C buttons during battle is hardly an ideal or refined setup" and that the reviewers found "the punch-walk-and-repeat strategy" provided by the game was a "repetitive grind that "isn't likely to keep many players coming back.[2] Official U.S. Playstation Magazine gave the game a half star rating, with the reviewer going as far as to say "Isn't laying down $40 for a waste of plastic like this as good as having it stolen from you?"[3] Reviewers for Gamers' Republic ultimately found the GameBoy Color version to be "more playable than the N64 or PlayStation versions" but still gave that version a C rating stating "it can be fun if you want to take your brain out for a bit."[4]

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