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"Bat'ing Cleanup" is the seventeenth episode of Gotham Girls and the sixth episode of Season Two.


Barbara Gordon, alone in her apartment, calls her father to wish him a happy birthday; while she is talking to him, she mentally goes over her "uneventful" day. Running her hands over her costume, she finds a bullet hole, commenting, "close call," then is forced to make up a quick cover story as she remembers a fight with some crooks in an alley.

A while later, even as her father apparently complains about her not exercising enough, she looks back on an exhausting pursuit of Catwoman, ending in her capture. Then, as she eats some ice cream (straight from the tub) as a snack, her father brings up vegetables, and she flashes back to a close struggle with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Finally, at his request, she locks her door, the world being as dangerous as it is; she comments that she feels safe, though, "with men like you protecting us." After hanging up, Barbara hopes that he'll like his birthday present: six criminals, tied up in front of the police station, with a note reading: "To Commissioner Gordon - [Love] Batgirl"

Interactive Segment[]

In Batgirl's second flashback, the viewer can choose which weapon to throw at Catwoman. The smoke bombs and batarang prove ineffective, while the bolas catches her and advances the story.

Background information[]



Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman
Tom Kenny Cop

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