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"I'm a world-class party girl. I intend to go out with a bang. Several, if it can be arranged."

Audrey was once the Princess of Kaznia until she eventually became its ruler. She was a partygoer of international notoriety.


Days before her engagement announcement in Kaznia, then-Princess Audrey spent time in Paris. At a party, a Kaznian resistance group captured the Princess. However, their attack was untimely as Wonder Woman was attending the same party. After saving Audrey's life, the two princesses formed a quick friendship. Audrey shared her "last night as a free woman" with the Amazon heroine.

Questions regarding Kaznia's technological espionage arose through the investigations of Batman, though Audrey dismissed them as slander. She believed her father, the King, would never commit illegal acts. Kaznia's interests, she professed, were in peaceful space exploration.

At the engagement party, Audrey revealed her arranged fiancé Vandal Savage. Shortly after the announcement, the king was poisoned, appearing to have suffered a paralytic stroke. Left with few options, she assumed the throne and chose to reassure the public with the royal bloodline's continuity. Vandal and Audrey married immediately. Shortly after the ceremony, she discovered Vandal's true intentions: he asserted himself as an international leader by marrying into the royal family. Using the International Space Station, modified into a massive rail gun, he claimed Kaznia as the world's dominant military power.

Vandal revealed his true identity and imprisoned Audrey in her room. While the rest of the Justice League liberated the space station, Wonder Woman and Batman freed Audrey. Together, they stopped Vandal's militaristic regime, at the cost of Kaznia's royal palace. Asserting herself as the true ruler, Audrey arrested Vandal and vowed to rebuild Kaznia anew.

Eventually, Audrey was crowned queen and asked for the League's intervention in a brewing civil war in her country. Apparently, the war ended, and Kaznia became a more peaceful, stable country for many decades.


Before the attempt on her father's life, Audrey was a spoiled but sweet girl who never missed an opportunity to have a good time. Despite being engaged to Vandal Savage in an arranged marriage, she did what she could to love him and make the best of things.

Beneath her fun-loving exterior, Audrey cared deeply for her subjects and the stability of her home country. With her father out of commission and Vandal Savage arrested, she put aside her old lifestyle. She took on the massive responsibility of leading her nation to peace, despite its internal problems.

Background information[]

According to Bruce Timm, Audrey was named after Audrey Hepburn, and largely inspired by Princess Ann, the rebellious royal Hepburn played in the classic film Roman Holiday. Timm described Princess Audrey as a combination of Princess Ann and real-life contemporary 'party girls' like Paris Hilton.


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