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"I'm fighting Atomic Skull tonight, and you know he deserves a beating."
— Wildcat[2]

Atomic Skull was a core member of the Legion of Doom.


A criminal of some esteem, Atomic Skull became contender at Roulette's Meta-Brawl. He was Wildcat's main opponent and while they battled, Black Canary and Green Arrow interrupted the match. He, Gork, Evil Star, Bloodsport, Electrocutioner and Tracer went after them but were caught by Green Arrow's net arrow.[2] After Black Canary closed down the Meta-Brawl, Skull and some of the other villains joined Grodd's Legion of Doom.[3]

Upon joining, his powers were augmented by Lex Luthor.[4] He was sent by Grodd to accompany Luthor, Bizarro, Rampage, Tala and Devil Ray to steal the Heart of Nanda Parbat in order to carry out Grodd's latest plot, only to be knocked off his feet by a young monk. When the Legion led an assault against Gorilla City, Skull participated. There, he was possessed by Deadman and destroyed the shield generator, until he was freed of the ghost by Tala.[1]

When Lex Luthor found Brainiac's remains in outer space, Atomic Skull helped to modify the Legion's headquarters into a spaceship. After Grodd led a mutiny against Lex, Skull sided with Luthor's faction. After the mutiny ended, Skull and the other villains were waiting for Brainiac's return, but instead Darkseid was resurrected.[5] Upon arriving to Earth, the villains reluctantly teamed up with Justice League to stop Darkseid. Atomic Skull was among those strongly in favor of the alliance, stating "It's our world too, you know!". He accompanied Shayera Hol and Commander Steel to Washington D.C. and helped stop an army of Parademons. After Luthor defeated Darkseid, Skull and the other villains were given a five-minute head start as their reward for helping the League save Earth, despite his protests about being incarcerated regardless of the villains' help.[6]

Background information[]

In DC comics, there were two Superman villains with the name Atomic Skull. The first S.T.A.R. Labs scientist named Albert Michaels. He had a rare nervous system disorder, and with help, created a helmet that cured his illness and gave him the ability to fire radiation blasts. The second Atomic Skull was a college student named Joseph Martin who was hit by an alien species "gene" bomb during the Invasion! event. This gave him super-strength, made his skin invisible, and gave him the ability to fire radiation blasts. The Atomic Skull in the DCAU bears only minor resemblance to both Atomic Skulls.


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