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"Atom-Smasher? No one said nothing about that bruiser, now did they?"
Captain Boomerang[1]

Atom-Smasher was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.


Atom-Smasher was one of the League's powerhouses and often fought in the front lines. He battled the Dark Heart, Task Force X, and the Ultimen invasion.

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Powers and Abilities[]

Atom-Smasher has the ability to increase the proportional size of his body, thus as he grows his physical strength and durability increase in scale.

Background information[]

  • In the DCAU, Atom Smasher is one of three characters with the name Atom in his superhero moniker, alongside The Atom and Captain Atom.
  • In DC Comics, Albert Rothstein is the godson of the original Atom, Al Pratt, and grandson of a reluctant supervillain known as Cyclotron. Because of his grandfather's legacy, Albert gained the powers of growth, increased strength, stamina, speed, and durability. During one of his first adventures, Albert learned he also had the power to alter his density to either become intangible and phase through objects or to increase his density, which boosted his already superhuman strength and durability (this power was later ignored or forgotten by writers following Albert's run as a founding member of "Infinity, Inc."). At first, Albert used the name Nuklon and was a member of teams like Infinity, Inc, the Justice League, and eventually the Justice Society.


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