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The City State of Atlantis.

"But the price was high. Poseidon knew that same mystic energy he used to defeat the Old Ones also powered the spells that prevented Atlantis from sinking beneath the ocean. He saved the world, but doomed Atlantis to rest forever at the bottom of the sea."

Atlantis was a subaquatic empire, the home of Aquaman and his people, the Atlanteans.



In ancient times, Atlantis was once a city on an artificial island on the surface of the ocean. But when the Ichthultu attacked, King Poseidon harnessed the great power of the city into a single weapon: a trident. With the trident, Poseidon could destroy Ichthultu's minions and return peace to the island. But having used up the power that kept the city afloat, Atlantis sank beneath the waves.[1]

Forgotten by the surface world, the Atlanteans quickly adapted to their environment. They were able to breathe in water outside their shielded city and created water-capable vehicles.


When the submarine USS Defiant accidentally trespassed in Atlantean territory, a new crisis erupted. Its crew was rescued, but the nuclear warheads, which King Arthur insisted should remain behind, created a dangerous tension between Atlantis and the surface world. His negotiations with the United Nations were short. But after it was revealed the unrest was instigated by Orm, brother to Arthur, the matter quickly subdued.

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