DC Animated Universe

Artie Bauman was Flash's agent.


Artie was quite the sleaze, and hardly an effective agent. He took sixty percent of all proceeds, and threw Flash into any commercial that asked, and was willing to pay. But while Flash would happily endorse energy bars, but was reluctant to make a commercial about a foot cream. Flash ran out of the set, destroying it in the process and leaving Artie with cleanup duty. In order to avoid a lawsuit, he sold a tape of Flash' diva behavior to Glorious Godfrey, who was willing to pay for it.

Flash wasn't happy with it, and neither was Wonder Woman when Artie told her he could get her on the cover of the swimsuit edition. But even Artie saw his fortune was about to end. After an attempt to stop a madman took out the entire city's power supply, no company wanted Flash anymore.

After Flash almost single-handedly saved the sun from destruction, Bauman called him to say Mercury sport shoes and People Like Us magazine wanted to run him, but Flash decided to quit endorsements.


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