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Aron Kincaid (born June 15, 1940 in Los Angeles, California; died January 6, 2011 in Los Angeles, California) was an American actor.

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Background information

Aron Kincaid was born Norman Neale Williams, Jr. in Los Angeles. His father, after whom he was named, was killed during the war. He grew up in Oakland, where his mother remarried a mister Kincaid. Aron quickly proved artistic, being both an accomplished actor and painter. He had several small roles in a couple of big budget films, including Spartacus, before landing a role in the legal sitcom Bachelor Father. From then on, many more roles on the small screen followed, including guest appearances in The Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart. He did voice work on The Smurfs, Duck Tales, Freakazoid and The Transformers near the end of his career.

He passed away in early 2011 from heart problems. He was 70 years old.

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