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Aquamaria was a former Bang Baby.



Aquamaria at the Dakota Downs

As part of her initiation into the Meta-Breed, Aquamaria had to rob the Dakota Downs racetrack. Though she got rid of the security easily, her second test—Static—soon arrived on the scene. After a brief fight, Aquamaria managed to short out Static. However, she did not count on Rubberband Man assisting the young superhero. The shapeshifter managed to form a balloon around her. The compression and violent movement knocked her unconscious. She was subsequently taken into custody by the Metahuman Containment Division.

She was broken out, along with Shiv, Talon and Carmen Dillo, when Ebon disguised himself as his brother Rubberband Man as part of his plan to recruit his brother. When Ebon announced his brother's new membership in the Meta-Breed, Aquamaria cheered him on. Shortly after, Static arrived and revealed the deception to Rubberband Man. The two fought off the Meta-Breed, and Static, using his knowledge of electrolysis, ran a current through Aquamaria. She was knocked unconscious and taken to prison again.[2]

Sometime after, she started dating Hotstreak. The two tried robbing a record store, but Static overpowered them. While Hotstreak escaped, Static captured Aquamaria and took her to Donald Todd, who was working on a cure for Bang Babies. Static managed to convince her to let them test it on her so she could see her family again. However, Hotstreak came and ruined the experiment, causing her to bond with large bodies of water. She decided to take revenge on everyone, including the entire city, Hotstreak, Dr. Todd and Static. Gear eventually realized that the experiment failed because they were shocking her before administering the cure when they should’ve put an electric current through the cure instead. Static managed to administer the electrified cure to her — thus curing her permanently.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Aquamaria possessed water-based powers; her body became water, and she could flow through cracks, around opponents, and generate smaller quantities of extra water to blast enemies with. Additionally, she could control or absorb existing water to gain mass or create sudden floods and waves.

However, with water being an excellent conductor, she was extremely vulnerable to Static's ability and could be defeated with a single electrical current. Her weaknesses also include extreme cold.

Background information[]

  • In Milestone Comics, Aquamaria was a Bang baby of varying affiliation. Maria was Marta's best friend and hit by Quantum Juice as she was swimming in the river. She has fought on both sides of the law since.
  • Aquamaria's appearance underwent major changes in between her two appearances on Static Shock. Her design changed from a bubbly girl into a slick femme fatale, she gained additional highlights around her eyes resembling a mask and dropped the habit of repeating every sentence in Spanish.


Static Shock


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