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Anti-Life Equation

Lex Luthor presents the Anti-Life Equation to Darkseid.

"Unfortunately, this has not diminished Darkseid's ambitions. For years, he has searched the galaxies for the legendary Anti-Life Equation, a formula that would give him complete control over all living things."
Mother Box[1]

The Anti-Life Equation was an equation containing great power that could dominate all life.


Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips, constantly sought after the Anti-Life Equation, believing that it would give him the power to conquer the universe. When Darkseid attacked Earth in retaliation for his death at Superman's hands, Metron took Lex Luthor to the Source Wall, beyond which lay the Anti-Life Equation. He warned Luthor that only a 12th level intellect could solve it and hope to survive, to which Luthor cockily replied that he was "over-qualified". Returning to Earth, Luthor presented it to Darkseid, which unleashed a massive amount of energy that appeared to destroy them both. Before they disappeared, Darkseid remarked that the Anti-Life Equation was "beautiful", and Luthor agreed.[2]

Background information[]

  • In DC comics, the Anti-Life Equation is a theory developed by Darkseid after he learned of the Martian concept of the "Life Equation". Supposedly, the Anti-Life Equation mathematically proves that hope, love, and freedom are all meaningless and effectively destroys a person's free will. Darkseid finally succeeded in figuring out the Anti-Life Equation and tried to release it over the Internet during the Final Crisis.


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