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Anti-Kryptonite suit

Superman donning the Anti-Kryptonite suit.

"Ooh, I'm flattered you put on your Sunday best!"
The Joker[1]

The anti-Kryptonite suit was a full-body jumpsuit created by Emil Hamilton to protect Superman from Kryptonite radiation. It was usually kept in S.T.A.R. Labs for safekeeping and maintenance.


The suit was made of a flexible titanium-lead alloy, and topped by a helmet with a transparent leaded-polycarbonate faceplate. As Hamilton wryly pointed out, these materials were not only leaded enough to block Kryptonite radiation, but also durable enough to withstand one of the Man of Steel's average days.

Hamilton also treated the suit with a traceable radioactive coating that allowed him to track Superman's location, even after he was sent into the Phantom Zone.[2]

On two occasions, Superman used the suit to safely handle Kryptonite, allowing him to wield it against other beings vulnerable to its radiation: Parasite and Mala.[2] On two others, he donned the suit to face enemies who he knew carried Kryptonite: Metallo[3] and The Joker.[1] During this latter encounter, the upper torso of the suit was dissolved by acid from Joker's boutonnière.[1] It was later repaired by the time Superman fought Bizarro.[4]


Superman: The Animated Series


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