Animal Park

Animal Park

Animal Park was a large zoological park in Gotham City.


When the zoo was closed for the season, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy made it their hideout, where Ivy's hybrid like-animal plants could walk along with Harley's pet hyenas Bud and Lou while their owners were busy in their own affairs. While discussing how steal the Gotham Mall without being detected by Batman, Superman's rogue Livewire emerged from a bread toaster and formed an alliance with them.

After returning from the Iceberg Lounge following their success at the Mall, the villainesses were suprised by Supergirl and Batgirl, who discovered their location thanks to the Penguin. After Harley inadvertently knocked out herself with her spring-loaded boxing glove, Livewire started to fight against Batgirl while Ivy started to fight Supergirl with the help of her hybrid elephant plant. However, when Livewire accidentally burned alive Ivy's elephant, Ivy used her vines to reach the top of the water slide to draw water and turn off the fire. However, Batgirl took advantage of this and threw Livewire into the water, electrocuting her and causing Ivy to suffer an electrocutation that left her unconscious. The GPD leaded by Harvey Bullock later arrived and took into custody the three villainesses.[1]


The New Batman Adventures


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