Batman Duplicant

H.A.R.D.A.C.'s Batman robot.

An android is a robot that resembles a human, usually in appearance and/or behavior. A special type of android is the Synthoid.

Known androids

Background information

The word derives from the Greek andr-, meaning "man, male", and the suffix -eides, used to mean "of the species; alike" (from eidos "species").

The term "android" appears in US patents as early as 1863 in reference to miniature human-like toy automations.[1]

As regards science fiction and DC comics, androids and android-like characters are frequently incorporated into storylines. However, in the DC-verse, (including the DC Animated Universe and DC comics) when stories refer to "The Android", very often the reference is being made to Professor Ivo's powerful creation, Amazo


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