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Andrea Denoso was a synthoid assigned to protect Eli Selig.


Andrea Denoso was Dr. Selig's personal assistant. After Zeta snuck into a cryo-lab disguised as a leading cryo-preservation scientist Selig was meeting with, she met with the real doctor and had her men attack Zeta, causing a shootout that resulted in Selig being frozen in one of the cryo-preservation chambers. She and her men had to cut their way through the lockdown doors to get to him. While Andrea took Selig from the scene to receive medical attention, Agent James Bennet attempted to question him, but Andrea insisted that he was in no condition to answer anything.

The incident called for greater security on their part, so Selig and Andrea spent most of their time within the safety of Knossos, Selig's floating fortress laboratory. After Selig spoke with Zeta there, Knossos was bombed by Titus Sweete and started sinking, prompting Andrea to rush Selig to an evacuation helicopter. As one of the leading anti-synthoid terrorists, Titus refused to let him live and used a rocket launcher to shoot down Selig's escape craft, sinking it.

Background information[]

Though it was never explored before the series' cancellation, both Robert Goodman and Joseph Kuhr have revealed that Andrea is a synthoid, and that the regenerating hand seen at the end of the episode is hers.[1][2]This makes her one of the most advanced infiltrators as unlike Zeta or Cynthia, there's no odd mannerisms or emotions that gave away she wasn't human.


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