Amy was a girl working for Intergang.


With advanced Apokoliptian technology, Amy and Trouble staged a robbery on the Metropolis Expo Center to steal equipment. Superman showed up and quickly dispatched Amy, but she was not down yet. When the Man of Steel immobilized Trouble, she stuck an anti-gravity device on Lois Lane. While Superman went to save her, Amy freed Trouble from being frozen and the made a run for it, leaving the loot behind.

Granny Goodness wasn't happy with them, but only threatened them with punishment. Trouble and Amy went their own business, but Amy was considerably more careful in showing their affiliation than Trouble. She had to keep him into constant check.

Amy did not know Jimmy Olsen and Kara had followed them, and when they were discovered inside Granny's hideout, they took on the latter. While most of the kids fled as Kara revealed herself as Supergirl and Granny summoned the Female Furies, Jimmy forced Amy to help. She agreed.

Together with Jimmy, she tried to figure out Granny's true purpose. There was a back room no one was allowed to enter, so that was the first place they checked out. There, they found the Doomsday Magnet. As Jimmy tried to figure out what it was, it activated, sending a beam into the sky. Figuring it couldn't be good, Amy grabbed a canister and slammed it at the device, but upon making contact she was electrocuted and she passed out. Jimmy helped her up, and the newly arrived Supergirl destroyed the machine.


Superman: The Animated Series

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