The Amazons were a group of women created in approximately 1200 BC by five Olympian goddesses in order to teach mankind the principles of equality, justice and harmony.

3000 in number, the Amazons built the city of Themyscira in ancient Greece. Pottery crafted by an Amazon named Menalippe in about eighth century BC were excavated and is on display in a natural museum of history in the US. The Amazons are led by their queen, Hippolyta.

However, for her part in allowing the Titans to invade Mount Olympus, Hippolyta was charged with guarding the gate to Tartarus.

Themyscira was relocated above the gate on a remote island located somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. Living in relative isolation, the Amazons were immortalized by their gods and live in peace. They refuse to interfere in events that take place in the outside world.

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