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'''Amanda Waller''' was in charge of [[Cadmus]].
'''Amanda Waller''' was in charge of [[Project Cadmus]]. During her time as its head, she searched for ways to counter the [[Justice League]] in the event they went against the government's—or humanity's—best interests. In the process, she nearly became what she feared—a force for good gone over the edge.
== History ==
== History ==

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Amanda Waller was in charge of Project Cadmus. During her time as its head, she searched for ways to counter the Justice League in the event they went against the government's—or humanity's—best interests. In the process, she nearly became what she feared—a force for good gone over the edge.


Born in Louisiana, Waller obtained a PhD in political science, went on to become a Congressional aide, and later disappeared from public life after becoming closely involved with intelligence work.

Project Cadmus

At some point, she was appointed head of the top secret Project Cadmus, a group that was formed at the behest of the United States government to create a counterforce to the Justice League should they go rogue.

Perhaps the most profound relationship she had was with Batman. She knew about his secret identity of Bruce Wayne, which she revealed when she called Batman "rich boy," but she chose to keep his secret. Later, Batman confronted her in her own highly-secured home, and while she maintained an unflinching face against him as she explained her own motivations, which eventually came to have an impact on him, Amanda was clearly shaken after talking to Batman. Overall, many of the interactions between Cadmus and the Justice League were via these two individuals.

When The Question discovered the project and was captured, Waller and Lex Luthor give orders to Dr. Moon to run a full interrogation on The Question. which was interrupted when he was rescued by Superman and The Huntress. Lex Luthor took advantage of the incident to momentarily hijack the League's satellite headquarters' binary fusion cannon to fire on the just-abandoned Cadmus base, with massive collateral damage to falsely implicate the League. While the government investigated the firing, Waller decided to take action, and revealing that Cadmus created dozens of clone copies of the Ultimen team in order to attack the Watchtower, with Galatea leading them, she ordered a full offensive against League HQ, intending to overload the reactor and destroy the Watchtower with the team on it. However, when presented with evidence of Luthor's deception, Waller called off the attack and released the senior Leaguers, who had turned themselves in as an act of good faith. With the Leaguers in tow, she personally went to arrest Luthor, stopping his attempt to transfer his consciousness into a potentially invincible copy of Amazo. At that point, Brainiac revealed himself (in Luthor) to Waller and the Justice League, and she took part in the battle against the two of them. Unknown to the League during this battle, Waller had ordered a massive airstrike on standby to kill the combined villains, the Leaguers, and even herself should the heroes have failed to stop the menace. Since the League was able to defeat the Lex/Brainiac fusion, however, this was averted.

Government Liasion

At some point afterwards, the government will appoint a liaison with the League (a post Waller will fill for some time) and they will fight a reconstituted Royal Flush Gang, with Ace as the leader. Even though Waller tells Batman the only way to stop Ace is to kill her, Batman refuses and stays with Ace as her time passed. Seeing that, Waller respected Batman so much that she started Project Batman Beyond.

Encounter with Batman II

Sixty-five years after the current Justice League timeline (15 years after the events of the Batman Beyond series), as we see Terry McGinnis as an adult and Bruce Wayne further deteriorated. Here, McGinnis discovers that he is a partial genetic copy of Bruce Wayne, knowing that the Cadmus Project was the only group to have technology advanced enough to alter DNA, he seeks out Waller to find out about his own origins. Waller reveals to Terry that he's Bruce's biological son (see: Project Batman Beyond). Waller gives Terry some advice and that's to keep and maintain his friends and relationships unlike his 'father.'


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Project Cadmus
Leader Amanda Waller
Sponsor Lex Luthor
PR / Manager Maxwell Lord
Division Heads
Genetics Emil Hamilton
Psychology Hugo Strange • Moon
Splicing Milo
Mysticism Tala
Military Tactics Wade Eiling
Captain Atom • Doomsday • Galatea
Ultimen Downpour • Juice • Shifter • Long Shadow • Wind Dragon
Task Force X Captain Boomerang • Clock King • Deadshot • Rick Flagg • Plastique
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