"Alive!" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Justice League Unlimited. It originally aired on May 6, 2006. It acts as the first half of the series finale.


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In an effort to find, and once again become one with Brainiac, Lex Luthor converts the headquarters of the Legion of Doom into a space ship in order to travel into space to collect the remains of the meteor that was once the home to Brainiac, but that was destroyed by the Justice League. However, once Luthor collects these pieces, it is not Brainiac that is reborn, but Darkseid.

Darkseid returns to Apokolips to end the civil war there and takes control of his planet once again, and vows to kill Superman. It is not mentioned, but it is understood that Darkseid is now combined with Brainiac, given his new size and style of clothing. The end of this episode leads into the final episode of Justice League Unlimited.


Background Information


  • This episode is different from others in that it focuses on the efforts of the villians. In fact, we do not see any members of the Justice League until the very end of the episode.
  • On the DVD special feature, Dwayne MacDuffie suggested that Tala deliberately manipulated her magic to resurrect Darkseid rather than Brainiac as her final "screw you" to Luthor.
  • Also on the special feature, Bruce Timm said that Grodd's death was sufficiently ambiguous that "we could bring him back if we wanted to."
  • Last appearance (in any form) of Brainiac.
  • Last appearance of several supervillains, who are presumably eliminated as follows:
Villain End
Goldface Frozen and blown up
Shade Frozen and blown up
Rampage Frozen and blown up
Parasite Frozen and blown up
The Key Frozen and blown up
Copperhead Frozen and blown up
Hellgrammite Frozen and blown up
Lady Lunar Killed in the mutiny
Silver Banshee Killed in the mutiny
Crowbar Unknown


Actor Role
Clancy Brown Lex Luthor
Powers Boothe Grodd
Juliet Landau Tala
Michael Ironside Darkseid
Corey Burton Brainiac
Weather Wizard
Bud Cort Toyman
Jennifer Hale Killer Frost
Lex Lang Atomic Skull
Daniel Dae Kim Metron
Robin Atkins Downes Watchtower Ops Tech

Uncredited Appearances


Grodd: I should have let you rot in jail!
Lex Luthor: Goodbye, Grodd. It could have gone the other way.
Grodd: (smiles) It really could have, couldn't it?
Luthor: No. But why speak ill of the dead?

Grodd: (his last words) You twisted little pink rat-hole of a hominid, I'm not done with you! I'll get out of this, and when I do...!

Bernadeth: What your will, my lord?
Darkseid: As ever, to seek the Anti-Life Equation, that I might bring order to this aimless universe. But first, Superman must suffer for killing me. His adopted world will die screaming. Only then will I seek the ultimate end.
Kanto: Forgive me, lord, but to attack Earth would violate your pact with Highfather. New Genesis would doubtless retaliate.
Darkseid: Where do you think I'm going next?


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