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Alice was a young secretary at Wayne Enterprises.


Alice was assigned to neuroscientist Jervis Tetch, who grew a liking to her. She did not reciprocate, as she was in a relationship with Billy and considered Jervis more of a "nice coworker". Jervis proposed using his new mind control technology on her, but decided against it, figuring that would make her an ipso facto slave of his.

When Billy broke up with her after a fight, Tetch made his move. He took her out on a date and managed to impress her. Jervis was overjoyed he managed to win her heart fair and square.

After the date, which took them to the Beret Rouge Club and Storybook Land, she happily returned home. However, at her house, she found Billy waiting for her; he wanted to make amends. Billy proposed to her that night, though that changed the next morning. Just as Bruce Wayne was visiting, Billy called her to break up again.

Upon returning home, she found Tetch had redecorated her house, and professed his love for her. At that moment, Batman showed up. With the help of two mind-controlled underlings who he called the Walrus and the Carpenter, Tetch made his getaway with Alice. Realizing she would not go with him willingly, he put her under mind control as well, and took her to Storybook Land.

Alice and Billy reunite

Alice and Billy reunite.

It did not last long before Batman arrived, who confronted the Mad Hatter about the kidnapping. Tetch yelled that he waited his entire lonely life for Alice, only for Batman to reply, "then all you have waited for is a puppet". After a scuffle that ended with Batman destroying the mind control hat, Alice woke up. The first person she saw was Billy and the two embraced.

Background information[]

Alice returns in The Batman and Robin Adventures #17 tie-in comic (written by Paul Dini and Ty Templeton), where she and Billy marry. Her full name is given as Alice Carol Pleasance. Her middle name is a pun in Lewis Carroll (Jervis Tetch's middle name was given as Lewis in the same issue), while her last name, Pleasance, was actually the middle name of Alice Liddell, the girl on whom Carroll based Alice from Alice in Wonderland.


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