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Akom Production Co. was an animation studio that worked on Batman: The Animated Series, animating several episodes throughout its run.

The production staff was largely unsatisfied with AKOM's efforts[1][2] eventually leading Bruce Timm to drop the studio after its work on the episode" Cat Scratch Fever".[3]

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Batman: The Animated Series


  1. "[On Prophecy of Doom] If that whole end sequence with the spinning worlds in the observatory had gone to Junio or any other studio, it might have come off, but it went to AKOM. They just weren't able to pull off that level of animation".

    — Bruce Timm [1]

  2. "Each director on the show, after pouring his heart and soul into an episode, would wait with bated breath to see if it would be assigned to Akom—the kiss of death".

    — Dick Sebast [2]

  3. "We retook that show considerably just to make it watchable. It was a mess, we had AKOM reanimate that one from scratch. That was the show that broke our back with AKOM and we decided we weren't going to use them any longer. After we fired them, they still had a couple of shows in production and those shows were a lot better. I guess they had never been fired from a series before".

    — Bruce Timm [3]