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Ajuris System

The Ajuris System

The Ajuris System, located in Sector 2814, included the two inhabited worlds Ajuris-4 and Ajuris-5.


A planet of three billion inhabitants, Ajuris-4 was seemingly destroyed by the Green Lantern John Stewart, who at the time was in pursuit of the smuggler and pirate Kanjar-Ro. As a result, Stewart was arrested by a detachment of Manhunter Robots and brought to Ajuris-5 for trial. During the trial, it was determined by Superman and J'onn J'onzz that Ajuris-4 was still intact—its destruction had been faked as part of a Manhunter plot.


The location of the tribunal of John Stewart. Capital punishment was still practiced on Ajuris-5 in the early 21st century by a highly corrupt judicial system:

Ajuris 4

The "destruction" of Ajuris-4

to ensure that no defendant would ever again be acquitted, the judges declared a law stating that a lawyer who defended a defendant later proven guilty would suffer the same penalty as his/her client. Thus, lawyers stopped practicing out of fear, and the judges referred to it as how they solved their "lawyer problem". One notable exception was the Flash, who staunchly defended John Stewart at the latter's trial, despite knowing of the possible consequences, and even referred to their entire judicial system as a "joke".

Background information[]

Though the events of "In Blackest Night" are based on the Manhunter story arc in Justice League of America #140-141 (March–April 1977), the planets and the events that led to its destruction are changed. In the comics, Hal Jordan destroyed the world of Olinda. He had tried to blow up its moon with a controlled explosion—an asteroid rain threatened the entire system—but the beam of the Lantern's ring ricocheted to Olinda. The rest of the League followed Manhunter to the Procyon system and its biggest planet, Pinola. There, they learn that the locals are setting up a cult based on old discarded Manhunter robots. Up until that point, "Manhunter" was a title borne by two bounty hunting heroes, but no backstory was ever provided.

The name of the DCAU system, "Ajuris", may be a pun on its crooked judicial system; it can be translated from Latin as [Area] of no law.


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