DC Animated Universe

Adam Stepnik was a student at Hamilton Hill High School.


Adam was an artistic youth, who loved to paint. To his parents' dismay, he did not always use a canvas: for painting on other people's walls, he was sent to David Wheeler's rehabilitation clinic. The many ISO treatments he underwent there took their toll: when his old friend Chelsea came, he was completely numbed by them. He could only move a dry brush over a clean canvas, unresponsive to the outside world.

Troubled by the mysteries surrounding Wheeler's clinic, Terry went to investigate. He was caught, but planned a getaway with Sean Miller. Terry took on the main guard, but found his opponent stronger. Terry was about to be smothered when Adam took out Vincent with his easel. Adam was freed along with Chelsea and the rest of the students when Batman exposed the abusive practices of the clinic and got Wheeler and his staff arrested.


Batman Beyond