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"Absolute Zero" is the thirteenth episode of The Zeta Project and the first season finale.


  • When Bennet runs down the locations where Selig has been seen, he refers to the Gotham Symposium (from "Countdown"), a genetic conference in Texas (happened off-screen) and the museum in Grandview (from "Change of Heart").
  • Bennett refers to Lee's "synthoid friend", showing he's noticed her change of heart in "Taffy Time".
  • The Zeta Project was run far enough from 2042 that Selig remarks a disguised Zeta sees too young to have been on it, while close enough that Zeta can successfully pretend to have been "just starting out".
  • Agent Lee leaves Agent Bennet's team as he both disobeyed orders and she knew that Zeta wasn't a killer as everyone thought he was. She would later made a reappearance in "Resume Mission".

Background information

Home video releases

Production notes

  • Though this episode is the first season finale, it was not included on the DVD release of The Zeta Project Season One. However, select shots of it were used in the documentary "The Making of Zeta".


  • Michael T. Weiss (Dr. Wilhelm) is best known for playing the title role, Jarod, on The Pretender, which shares many similarities to The Zeta Project. As a pretender, Jarod is a genius who can become anyone he wants to be and, due to being kept away from the general public for most of his life, doesn't really understand certain basic aspects of social interaction and is fascinated by things like candy and toys and doesn't quite get the point of them (much like Zeta). These similarities may have been noted as the Da Vinci image used for The Pretender logo, can be seen as a statue in the episode, "Change of Heart".


Actor Role
Diedrich Bader Zeta / Zee
Guard (uncredited)
Julie Nathanson Rosalie "Ro" Rowan
Kurtwood Smith Agent James Bennet
Michael Rosenbaum Agent West
Lauren Tom Agent Lee
PA system (uncredited)
Erika Alexander Agent Rush
Grey DeLisle Andrea Donoso
Michael Dorn Colonel Lemak
Guard (uncredited)
John Rubinow Commander
George Segal Eli Selig
Michael T. Weiss Dr. Wilhelm