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Dr. Cuvier founded the Chimera Institute, an academy that studied the animal kingdom and its species. Cuvier also created the "Splicing", a term to combine human and animal DNA. The police didn't accept this, because it was illegal and dangerous, but Cuvier told them that there wasn't any problem. Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis suspected this and decided to investigate. At the institute, Batman II infiltrated at Cuvier's lab and was exposed. Cuvier injected him a bat serum and when Batman II fled, Cuvier continued his plans. He had sent his three thugs to assassinate District Attorney Sam Young, but were foiled by Batman II, who at the time was turning into a Man-Bat. Cuvier was upset of his thugs' failure. When Batman arrived, Cuvier sent his thugs to him. In the battle, Cuvier injected many serums into himself and escaped out. Batman followed him, but he found Cuvier turned into a chimera. During the battle, Batman injected many serums into Cuvier and then, he ended turning into a monstrous beast. After Cuvier failed to kill Batman, an explosion insued. Cuvier didn't obliged and probably died. His final fate is currently unknown.


Batman Beyond


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