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Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude

Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude

The Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude was the private hideaway and headquarters of the superheroes Static and Gear. As its name implies, it is an abandoned gas station located in the city of Dakota.


The Gas Station was located in the geographical center of Dakota County,[1] and was in use until the riots of the late 1990s. Ebon, who had traveled back in time to set off a bigger Bang, hoped to achieve this by hijacking a tanker truck full of Quantum Vapor. Gear diverted the truck into the gas station, after which it went out of commission.[2]

When Static just started his superhero career, he and Richie decided they needed a place to wind down, relax, talk about hero stuff in private and, most of all, use as a base of operations. Richie chose the run down gas station because it was the only thing they could afford with limited funds; Static dubbed it the "Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude" as an in-joke to Superman's Fortress of Solitude.[3]

The Gas Station was used well into the 21st century, changing little on the outside. However, Static and Gear excavated underneath the station to create a hidden high-tech base of operations, with the building above acting as a public cover.[4]

Background information[]

The Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude originally appeared in Static's comic title. It was a pun on Superman's Fortress; in Milestone Comics, Superman was a fictional character. Static Shock was originally not part of the DCAU (only after the second season premiere "The Big Leagues"), and originally Static and Richie remarked that "Even Clark Kent has a day job". That line was removed in reruns, but the name "Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude" remained. It's never mentioned how Richie came into acquiring, even abandoned, the property would be swift target for purchase for development.


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