Aaron Herbst was a caretaker of Inque when she was held captive, who developed an unhealthy attraction to her.


Aaron was a former technician at Gotham Cryogenics. Over a six-month period, he displayed aberrent behavior and began talking to their most dangerous assignment, Inque. Gotham Cyrogenics' owner, Mr. Chandler fired Aaron upon security tape review. However, Aaron wasted no time using his security clearance to break into the facility and free Inque, whose human DNA was badly damaged and needed treatment. She manipulated Aaron into helping her break into Fulton Labs and steal the needed components, in exchange for being given similar polymorpic powers.

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Though Aaron aided Inque by knocking Batman out with a crane, Inque only administered half the treatment and left him as a bizarre monstrosity. He distracted Inque long enough to allow Batman to escape and damage the roof to let in the rainstorm and wash Inque away. Aaron was then imprisoned at Gotham Cryogenics for his crimes.


Batman Beyond

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