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"A Little Night Magic" is the fifth episode of Season One of Gotham Girls.


A Little Night Magic Thug

The thugs annoy Zatanna

Walking home from a late-night performance, Zatanna is suddenly accosted by a mugger—but, casting a spell, she turns his gun into a snake. Moments later, she is nearly run over by a careless truck driver, and winds up cutting the truck in half. Then a gang of punks surround her. As one absentmindedly flicks a cigarette away, they begin to taunt her, then to throw her hat around, at which point she finally loses it and turns them all into frogs. Finally, she sees that the man's cigarette has set a building on fire, and promptly puts it out with a well-placed spell on a nearby fire hydrant.

A Little Night Magic Mission accomplished

Zatanna's successful mission to extinguish a fire in a building.

Arriving safely at her hotel, the doorman warns Zatanna about how dangerous it is for her to walk around late at night. Her response is to pull a rose from behind his ear, deciding that, "I guess I just live right".

Interactive Segment[]

At the end of the episode, Zatanna's backwards-spoken spells can be replayed with captions, then translated when the cursor is run over them: "skrej eopceb sdoat" (jerks become toads), "nug emoceb a ekans" (gun become a snake), and "kcurt, tilps ni owt" (truck, split in two). The spell used on the hydrant is not mentioned.


  • This episode is notable in that none of the traditional "Gotham Girls" appear, instead favoring Zatanna, who will return to obscurity until the second season premiere.
  • Just as Zatanna arrives at the hotel, the player becomes grainy for a moment.
  • This is the first time Zatanna uses real magic on-screen.


Actor Role
Stacie Randall Zatanna
Tom Kenny Jonesy
Dee Bradley Baker Mugger

Uncredited appearances[]


Mugger: Alright, toots—hand over the money and no one gets hurt.
Zatanna: Gee... how can I resist an offer like that?

Zatanna: (after turning the mugger's gun into a snake) Better than pepper spray.

Zatanna: Sorry, boys. No one touches the hat.

Zatanna: (seeing a building on fire) That ain't good.

Zatanna: Evening, Jonesie.
Doorman: Good heavens, Ms. Zatanna! Doncha know it's dangerous for a young lady to walk alone in the city after dark? It's a wonder ya made it home safely!
[Zatanna pulls a rose from behind his ear.]
Zatanna: I guess I just live right.