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"You don't get it, son. This isn't a trash heap. It's an operating table. And I'm the surgeon."

80s Batman was how Carrie envisioned the real Batman to be.


In a scenario envisioned by Carrie, Batman was a grim, middle-aged crime-fighter in a gritty near-future Gotham City overrun by a violent gang known as the Mutants. In the scenario, Robin was captured by a member of the gang, who began to interrogate her on Batman's whereabouts. Batman appeared and saved her, then interrogated the thug as to the whereabouts of his leader.

Later, at a dump, Batman interrupted a speech by the Mutant Leader. He showed up in a heavily armored tank-like Batmobile. He fired rubber bullets at the gang members, causing them to scatter, whilst Robin left the tank and fought them using a slingshot. The Mutant Leader faced up to the tank and called Batman out to fight hand-to-hand personally.

80s Batman fights the Mutant Leader

Batman fights the Mutant Leader in the mud.

Batman obliged and the two faced off in a mud-pit. The younger Mutant Leader gained the upper hand and began to overpower Batman, trying to drown him in the mud.

As the bubbles slowly began to disappear, Robin panicked and fired several pellets at the Leader, distracting him long enough for Batman to recover. Batman attacked the Mutant Leader, and this time, he had the advantage. He overpowered the Mutant Leader and got him in a hold, which he then used to break the Leader's leg.

Background information[]

"80s Batman" is based on the incarnation of the character seen in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Much of his dialogue is taken verbatim from the story.


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