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2-D Man, real name Stuart Lowe, was a member of the Terrific Trio. His teammates were Freon and Magma. He fought with and against the second Batman early in his career.


Stuart Lowe was a victim of Dr. Hodges' orchestration to eliminate Mike Morgan so that he could have the hand of Morgan's fianceé, Mary Michaels, to himself. It remains unclear whether Lowe was intended to be in the accident alongside Morgan, or was just a collateral victim.

Initially, Lowe, Morgan, and Michaels chose to use their newfound powers for good, forming the government-sponsored team of heroes known as "The Terrific Trio" becoming overnight stars. Despite the fame and praise they received, however, the three were depressed by the fact that they could never again return to their normal lives - worse still, the process that was used to give them their powers was soon discovered by Hodges to have a degenerative mental effects over time - a fact of which the Trio was unaware.

Growing increasingly insane, they confronted their "friend", only to discover the truth behind their transformations. Enraged and betrayed, Lowe and his teammates went on a rampage, and were about to take revenge on Hodges before Batman intervened, and ultimately subdued them. 2-D Man was pulled in by the emergency ventilation system of the Bay Ridge Research Center. It's unknown if he died or not.

Powers and abilities[]

After being bombarded with dangerous levels of radiation, Stuart Lowe became a two-dimensional being with the ability to stretch his body to incredible lengths.

Background information[]


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